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How to not receive boring Diwali Gifts?

How to not receive boring Diwali Gifts?

Chahiye kya tumhein tohfe mein bata do warna

Hum to bazar ke bazar utha layenge

-Ata Turab


Diwali is here again, so are Diwali parties, when we all bring gifts for friends, family and Khair-Khvaah’s. And let’s be honest we all recycle some Gifts and pass them on to the next person. And we have all seen that Soan Papdi ka dabba doing rounds and never getting opened by anyone 😢. Now there are many contenders of Boring Diwali Gifts award, but Soan Papdi has become the poor poster boy for Boring Diwali Gifts. Frankly speaking, we all want to not receive Boring Gifts this Diwali, and who wouldn’t like to be at receiving end of a customized, thoughtful present.

So this year we took it up on ourselves to solve this problem for at least for Poetry Lovers. The problem we wanted to address - How to not receive boring Diwali Gifts?

Answer is very simple really. DON’T GIVE BORING DIWALI GIFTS.

People never forget the gift bringers who add a touch of excitement and thoughtfulness to their presents. This year, don't let the label of being a "boring gift bringer" stick to you any longer. It's time to establish a new reputation and make your gifts truly unforgettable..

Here are our top Diwali gifting ideas that will set you apart as the Bringer of Joy:


1. "Hazaaron Khwahishen Desire Box"

An aesthetically curated gift box that reflects countless desires and is a tribute to Mirza Ghalib. This gift stands out with its royal packaging, ensuring you are remembered as a thoughtful gift giver. Many poetry enthusiasts were so captivated that they kept one for themselves.


2. "Mausam-e-Sukhan Gift Box"

Translating to "Season of Poetry," this gift box brings a breath of fresh air in a world saturated with mundane presents. It's a unique collection of shayari-inspired gifts that infuse elegance and emotion, sparking conversations and genuine smiles, making your Diwali memorable.


3. "Zikr-e-Meer Gift Box"

A treasure for Meer Taqi Meer fans, this collection pays homage to the legendary poet with beautifully crafted poetry books and elegantly designed merchandise. It's a blend of artistry and nostalgia, showcasing your love for your receiver.


4. "Mujassama-e-Ghalib"

We have all read Ghalib’s works at some point in life and have seen many artistic expressions of his image, but never has a beautifully crafted statue of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib, adorned our homes. "Mujassama-e-Ghalib" an exquisite statue of Mirza Ghalib, sitting royally in a premium box, captures the essence of his poetic brilliance. This gift will hold cultural significance in heart of each Ghalib lover.


5. "Bhakti Kaal ke Kavi

Books Combo Set" – A specially curated collection of legendary Bhakti Kaal poets and their immortal poetry, is the ultimate gift for a true lover of poetry and Indian culture. Not just a refresher in classical poetry of India, this combo-set also a soul refreshing deep dive into Why India has been the Spiritual leader of World for centuries. A perfect gift for Diwali since this combo-set also includes works of the creator of Ramcharitmanas, the eminent poet Goswami Tulsidas. It’s a delight for literature lovers.


This Diwali, be the gift giver who breaks the cycle of boring presents and establishes a reputation as a thoughtful and unforgettable gift giver.

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